The Beauty & The Beast

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Yesterday (23 July 2017) I happened to bump into one of my neighbor who just brought home his new ŠKODA Octavia. Knowing me well he began to mock me saying that the Corolla ALTIS is nothing compared to this new car in town. I spent a few minutes checking the features of the car and he let me drive it for 150 meters.  Yeah, you got me right just 150 meters was more than enough to judge this car. I’ve driven the Mercedes C Class, the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, Volkswagen Jetta, Chevrolet Cruze, and Corolla ALTIS but I will gladly declare that this is the best sedan on Indian roads right now. You don’t believe me then go check it out yourself.

The New ŠKODA Octavia has redefined the meaning of a Luxury Cruiser. This car is specifically developed for the Indian Road conditions but doesn’t compromise on its European authenticity. Starting off with the body, the new Octavia is built on the same chassis as that of the Audi A4. The Gauge thickness of the GI body panel also is same as that of the Audi. The car is 4.6m by 2m with a wheel base of 2.7m by 1.5m providing it a good static and dynamic balance.

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The engineers at ŠKODA decided to give the luxury cruiser some SUV power. The power is generated from a front mounted 4 cylinder inline engine. Škoda gives you 3 choices of engine. The 1.4L TSI petrol engine gives you 150bHp, maximum torque of 250Nm and a fuel economy of 16.5 km/l. The new 1.8L TSI petrol gives an awesome 180bHp with a fuel economy of 15 km/l. The trademark 2.0L TDI gives 143bHp with 320Nm torque and a fuel economy of 20kmpl. The 1.4 TSI is coupled with a 6 speed Manual Transmission. The 1.8 TSI comes with a 7 speed DSG. The 2.0 TDI comes with a choice of fully synchronized 6 speed Manual or a 6 speed DSG. The powertrain is not what is special about the new OCTAVIA.

The Looks Matters  

ŠKODA holds its stature simply because of how luxurious, comfortable and pleasurable the drive is. The key elements of luxury and comfort work excellently in their 2017 model as well. The ŠKODA Octavia 2017 comes with the Quadra LED headlamps. The detail that catches the eye instantly are the tiny LED lights between the main headlight and the broader headlight underneath that makes for some visually stunning headlights when put together.


Double coated leather seats and spacious legroom are standard features through all ŠKODA vehicles, and this one surely keeps up to it. But besides its luxurious appeal, there’s a beast under that hood. A machine that’s not gargantuan (not very pleasant when there’s perennial space crunch on our streets), but has the perfect design to be as strong as an SUV, and elegant as a sedan.


The Infotainment System

The SKODA Octavia 2017 has some major upgrades on the technology side. The control panel now extends to an 8” screen with really cool mobile sync abilities. Moreover, with the new SKODA Media Command App, you can make all the changes you want chilling from your backseat. Another cool feature SKODA has added is the panoramic sunroof. The glass gets another layer of furnishing underneath it, which makes the overall look much cleaner and sleeker. Now hide the sunroof and slide it in and out with just a tap of a button.


To top that is the new ambient lighting feature, which we can’t get over! It’s convenient, smart and one of those visually satisfying elements. I love how I can customize the interior lighting of the car with 10 vibrant colors. Go green with envy or go red with anger—take your pick. Based on your mood, you can now customize the entire ambiance of your car. Now, if that’s not clever, what is?


Besides being a luxurious vehicle and having excellent torque, this gentle giant is quite alert and smart. The SKODA Octavia takes care of you as well as the road ahead with its iBuzz Fatigue Alert. The Fatigue Alert monitors your driving and alerts you whenever you pull off a vague driving move. Besides, it tells you that you’ve had a long day driving and maybe need some rest. Safety just took the next step with the new SKODA Octavia. And it doesn’t just end there.

The new SKODA Octavia comes installed with eight airbags. You heard us right. EIGHT! Clearly, SKODA cares about you and your family’s safety with airbags installed for both, front and back seats.


Hands-Free Parking

Here’s the big feature. And this is what being smart and clever is all about. The new SKODA Octavia has a starting price of 15 lakh, but the top-end version comes with a feature that’s only available in cars twice its price.The car via sensors automatically detects a parking spot when driving around and steers its way into the parking spot. Parking, for most of us, can be nerve racking, especially in a city like Bangalore. So clearly this is more than just a fancy feature for most out there. Bravo!!

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The cars come with a basic (ex-showroom) price of 15.5 Lakhs and the top end fully loaded is available for 22 lakhs (ex-showroom). I guess that’s less than half the price of the nearest competitor with the same features. When you buy the brand new SKODA Octavia, you become eligible for a one-of-a-kind warranty service that spans over four years or 100,000 km (from the date of purchase). It provides 100% manufacturer warranty. SKODA truly cares about you and your car’s well-being and safety. This relationship is a long-term one with peace of mind!

So, if there’s anything we’ve learned then it is this: the new SKODA Octavia is the perfect definition of ‘Tough meets Smart’. Only the clever things of life come the SKODA way!