You can drive here!

Every time we come across beautiful & scenic roads from across the world on television or internet, all of us have an honest wish inside our heart that we could also drive on these beautiful roads. True right!!. Well yeah the obvious understanding is we don’t get to drive in foreign country because we can’t get a driving permit from the road & transport department of that country. Well I’m here to tell you that you are wrong. Heart That Vroom brings to you a list of countries where you could use your Indian driving licence to get behind the wheel for a short time. Trust me these countries have some of the most scenic & romantic roads on the planet.

Before opening you to the list of countries, I must tell you what an IDP is. IDP is the abbreviation for International Driving Permit. It is issued to anyone who holds a valid Indian Driving licence by the Road & Transport Department of India. An IDP is valid for 12 months. The reason you will need to get an IDP is because each Indian state has its own format of Driving licence and also IDP will strictly be in English so that any foreign authority will be able to easily interpret it. Getting an IDP is rather simple. Download the form from this link ( Fill it up and visit your nearest RTO with the following documents.

  1. Valid Indian Driving Licence.
  2. Original & Attested copies of your Passport.
  3. Original & Attested Copies of you VISA and Air Tickets to the country you intend to travel.
  4. A personally written letter to the Zonal RTO requesting to authenticate the IDP.
  5. Don’t forget to pay the fee of Rupees 500.

You should get your IDP with 3 working day. Easy right!! VROOM VROOM in a foreign country. Let look at the list of countries that allow you to drive with your IDP.


Ever dreamed of nice curvy mountain roads with the beach on your side. Or an off-road drive with kangaroos hopping to your left. You sure can with your IDP. You can easily rent car of your choice in all major cities in this continent. Before your set off make sure you are clear about the local driving rules. You definitely don’t want to run over a platypus trying to cross the road.

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The first thing that comes to my mind is the TOP GEAR S23 Episode 2 where the presenters drive their SUVs over the beautiful roads of South Africa. Imagine a Giraffe using its long neck to steal fruits from your picnic basket through your sunroof or a panther climbing on your bonnet and urinating on your windscreen. It can never be this easy to rent a car anywhere in the world. I must warn you though that Toyota is the only available option.

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HONG KONG: (Left Lane)

What can I say, want to rent a Rolls Royce and drive it up the bay? You can!! Provided you have the money. Also make sure the Rolls Royce isn’t fake. Honk Kong is known for recreating fake models of famous cars.



Going on a short trip to these beautiful countries, your IDP will allow you to drive here. But I must warn you that the rules are very strict and offenders are punished severely. To be frank there isn’t much to drive around in these places so its better to rent a taxi.

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Hustle Streets of London in England, the medieval Scottish roads of Edinburg or the curvy hills of Wales, you can have them all. Best suited for a Honeymooners. Just rent a two seater BMW (most common in UK) with the love of your life beside you. Nothing can give you more happiness. It will be more romantic if your lady could also drive.

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Who would believe this!! I trip with friends from New York to Las Vegas through the farms of Kansas and the Nevada Desert. I’m dreaming of this day to come. Best choice will be to rent muscle cars such as Mustang or a Dodge. The traffic rules here are very strict. If you are in California the TESLA is the best choice.

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What can I say? The Alp Mountains, snow, rivers, lakes. Perfect romantic getaway for couples who love to drive. Imagine driving your Porsche through these wonderful terrains all the way up the hill and from there taking the cable car to the summit. Then skiing back to the foot hills. Best for adventure crazy couples.

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All this sounds good right, but there is one other place where your IDP can lat you drive for 6 months and this is the place where we the Scribblers of HEART THAT VROOM badly want to be.

GERMANY: (Right Lane)

The cradle of the automotive industry. The last place on earth where you can drive a car as fast as it can do on a motor way. The AUTOBAHN!! No speed limits, no fears just dare to drive. The Mercedes, the BMW, the Audi, the Porsche, the Bugatti, the Lamborghini just imagine what not. I want to be there with my fellow bloggers. My one and only wish.

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