3 is the new E

‘SEXY’ is Elon Musk’s favorite word. That’s why the Teslas were named after the alphabets S and X. But Unfortunately, Ford had been a barrier for him and to his team. Ford has a trademark on the name ‘Model E’. So Mr.Musk and his team decided to name the car ‘Model 3’. Trademarked as ☰ (Seems… Read More 3 is the new E

Musk’s Master Plan

Ten years ago, Elon Musk revealed his first ‘master plan’. It was an electric car company named “Tesla Motors.” Now Musk has announced details of ‘master plan, part deux’, which shows how Tesla vehicles will fit into a more renewable and autonomous future – and also where Tesla doesn’t just provide personal transportation in the… Read More Musk’s Master Plan

Shocking News

Sorry for the absolutely lame wordplay there. You’ll get what I mean once you read… Many major players of the auto industry are foraying into the hybrid and electric car segment. that. Cars that have a less severe or no environmental impact are certainly a thing of the future. Further, invention and reinvention is bound… Read More Shocking News